Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner
Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner

Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner

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The Boosted Bundle should not be combed or brushed. To preserve the hair and ensure longevity, finger combing is suggested. Wash the hair weekly/biweekly and use G2G treatments for more slip when finger combing. If you choose to comb the hair, use a wide tooth comb (preferably a detangling brush) and start from the ends then work your way up.

The curl pattern of the hair product you received may appear a little more defined than those showcased by models. After you manipulate the hair styling it the curls will then be the same size as you may have seen on our testers

If you feel that the curl pattern you received is COMPLETELY different from the curl pattern of your own hair, please email ASAP, and keep the hair EXACTLY THE WAY IT CAME. This means the hair extensions have NOT been brushed out, combed with your fingers, washed, installed, coloured, or bleached. The ties have NOT been cut. We cannot do return or exchanges on hair that has been altered in any form. No exceptions. 


Each bundle is measured by its length when straight. Due to the kinky and curly nature, you will experience shrinkage. Please check our length chart to accurately decide what length is best for you.

Length Chart:



Straight Length 12"       14"       16"       18"                  20"       22”    24”    26”

Actual Length In

Curly State                    6"        7.5"      8.5"      9.5"-10"           11"       12" -  13”  14”